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There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has had detrimental effects on our society. We have been forced into isolation for months, left alone with our thoughts and feelings inside of our homes. As we are living through this historical event, I feel the responsibility as an artist to document. However, I find myself using repetitive depictions such as masks, signs or physical barriers to represent the pandemic. Barren is a shift in focus- a series that communicates the familiar feelings of isolation and loneliness in a visual form. Empty farmlands once bustling with animals, accompanied by grey skies and naked trees represent a lack of life and light, effectively portraying the void that is our society today. One might also view the series as a testament to the way even agriculture has suffered due to Covid-19. I hope that this representation of the pandemic shows viewers that their feelings are shared, and that every aspect of the world is struggling right now- providing a sense of connection and maybe even an ounce of hope.

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