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Life Lines

Life Lines is a photo series that documents people’s innermost thoughts and phrases that they hold dear to them; for whatever reason it may be. Inspired by Geloy Concepcion’s series “Things you wanted to say but never did,” I have taken polaroids of people in my life and then asked them to answer deep questions about their life experiences. I then paint over their faces and use their answers as the text written over them. Through this act of photographing and questioning, I bring forth the truths about each subject. I achieve this by displaying their unseen and unheard thoughts, while simultaneously blocking out their physical appearance, making the actual person themselves invisible. Essentially, I am hiding and revealing at the same time.  Through this series, I aim to have the viewer further contemplate people and society in general, and this idea that as much as we think we know someone dear to us, there might always be a lot more going on in their minds.

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