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Skoro Doma

My Croatian culture has always been something I have felt proud of, but never truly felt part of. Having grown up in Canada and never learning to speak Croatian fluently, I have always felt a slight disconnect with my roots. As I have grown older I have started immersing myself in my culture in any way that I can, in hopes to diminish any disconnect that I feel.


Skoro Doma (Almost Home) is a series part of a greater, year long thesis that explores Croatian culture, my relation to it, and how it exists here in Canada. These images specifically showcase the Norval Queen of Peace Croatian Church in Halton Hills, Ontario, as well as the younger generation who are involved in this Parish. I aim to showcase the deep-rooted love, passion, and care that exists within Croatian culture, while also highlighting this space that serves as a "home away from home" and an integral part of celebration within the community. 


This series acts as a stepping stone into my own exploration of self-identity, exposing me to the areas of my culture I have always wanted to know more about, and giving me the chance to truly realize its beauty. I hope that I have crafted the images in a way that feels warm and inviting, allowing the viewer to be fully immersed in the culture- in the same way I can happily say I am starting to be now.

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